windfall with our swaps claim

our swaps loan claim

We are claiming on a swaps loan we took out

With our holiday homes we are always needing to do something to them and when we had a flood in the cottage we had to take out a loan which included a swaps part to it. At the time we were not even told we were paying for it and it was very frustration when the so called predicted interest rise didn’t happen that our loan still had a really high interest rate.
The loan did cause us a few problems but we just about managed and wrote it off as one of those things until recently. We were with our accountant as we always do once a year and going through paperwork and the loan paperwork was in a box of papers we had given him. He took the boxes away as normal and we were expecting a call after a week or so with our accounts done but after a day we got a call from him.

He called about our loan with swaps in it

He called and asked a few questions about the loan and whether or not we knew what swaps were. We did know as my husband had called the bank about our unusually high interest rate and was told the loan had swaps in it and that was why the rate was high.
He explained that this was common place and that the banks had been told they need to pay back this money that was mis-sold to the market and that on the face of it we had been duped like many. He also thought that we had a great case to get our money back and some compensation and that he knew a company that specialised in this field. We agreed to have a meeting with them to see whether or not we had a case.

We had meeting about swaps loans

The accountant arranged a meeting with a solicitor who specialised in swaps claims and mortgage mis-selling and they asked to see paperwork. We showed them the swaps loan paperwork and they also took a look at our mortgages and it turned out that we had two strong claims one on the loan and the other on a mortgage on one of our properties.
We have instructed them to take up our case and the only outlay is some insurance in case we don’t win as they are doing no win no fee on the claims. We are hopeful after speaking to them that we have a strong claim and luckily for us the banks are not going to court on these claims as they have been instructed that they have been mis-selling these products and it is only a question of did you know what you were signing up to or not.
We had no idea what our swaps loan meant until it was too late and so these guys are no on our case

I saw slate house signs and had to have one

I wasnt looking but then I found slate house signs

Slate house signs for my cottage

I went shopping for some bits for the cottage and ended up seeing the most fantastic slate house signs . I was not planning on it but when I saw this particular one I just had to buy it. It wasn’t cheap as it cost nearly £70 but as soon as my husband fitted it I knew it was money well spent.

We have spent a fortune on the place recently but when I stumbled upon these beautiful signs I just knew the money spent would add so much to the look of the place that I just went for it. When I got home and said to my hubby I had a little job for him he groaned and straight away asked what I had gone and bought now. My smirk was all that was need to give the game away but when he saw it even he had to admit it looked amazing.

Slate house signs don’t take much fitting

He had it in position and fixed in about half hour and the look is amazing and worth every penny that I paid for it. A couple of holes drilled and the only thing to worry about was making sure it was dead level but other than that it was a breeze to install it and the final look was just great. The great thing about this sign is that as its a natural product it will look fantastic for years to come a quick wipe over is all it will ever need and as I have had one of these before a drop of teak oil on a rag and it will be brought up like new.

My husband earned plenty of brownie points for the job he did and it only took him half hour so it was a win win for him too. He loves the sign too and when I told him what I paid for it he just said it looked much more expensive than that so that was a first too!

Slate house signs aside that really is that for a bit

This really is the last thing to do for a bit. The place looks fantastic but we have spent a small fortune and so its time to wait for the rental money to replenish our funds for a bit. We have both agreed and committed to a no spend policy until at least after the summer season and this is sensible given its an endless quest for perfection and would make no difference how much we spent I would still keep looking out for little bits.
We are fully booked up now until the last week in September and have just signed off an advertising campaign to deal with the quieter winter months so fingers crossed this will give us some early bookings for when its a bit colder. We will have to see what happens now its all booked we just need it to bring in some bookings between now and Christmas.

Getting new signage is so exciting

Spring clean and new signage for Meadowlake Cottage

We have just ordered the new signage for the cottage and it is the final piece of a huge undertaking over the last few weeks. We have been busy with the biggest ever spring clean the place has had since we bought it and we are both tired but pleased with how things are going.

The place suddenly looked really tired and if someone stays at our cottage I want them to experience it in the best light possible so when it quietened down after a busy Christmas we though it was time to get the place ship shape for the summer season. As well as a really good clean up we have completely redecorated the whole cottage and put in some new furniture. We even renovated some of the old furniture and I was particularly impressed with my painting efforts on an old unit that now looks a million dollars.

New signage was the last piece of the puzzle

With the place looking fantastic the old signage for it looked dreadful and with everything else so sparkly and new they had to be sorted too. We contacted a local signage company and they came out to measure up and give us some ideas. We were both really impressed with the guys who came out and we ordered a really impressive new sign that would illuminated at night to really add a touch of class to the place.
The signage company measured up everything and went away to make the signs and fair play within a week they called to say they were ready to fit. The day they came out they even brought the electrician and spent all day on the job but its was well worth their efforts. The signage went up and it really completed the project and the cottage is now ready for a busy summer.

New signage says we are now open

With everything now in place we can start to look forward to the season and taking bookings for the cottage the place looks great and we have just employed a photographer to take some professional shots of the cottage so we can update the website and all the other things we use to market the place. The overall impression has been very positive and one of the agents even suggested increasing our prices to reflect how much better the place is now.
Once we have done all the marketing shots and stuff is sorted we may consider this but for now it was to get the cottage looking the best we can for our customers. With all this new work it has given me the kick needed to do our own house and much as we have seen enough of paint and brushes the new house project starts soon.
If you have a property that you generate income from and need signage you would do well to give the guys we used a call too.

Getting your free sports bet no deposit offers

Getting free sports bet no deposit offers

Premier league free sports bet no deposit offers

Who would have even thought that with a couple of games to go it would still be worth logging on to get a free sports bet no deposit deal to have a punt on winners and losers in the premier league this season.
Since Christmas the table twists and turns have kept me both on the edge of my seat and guessing as to where to place a free sports bet no deposit on the ups and downs of the season. At the start I had a few pounds on Manchester City to win the league and to be frank I thought this was a pretty safe bet in back I thought they would storm away with it but not this season.

Back online for free sports bet no deposit

About November I went back online to find another free sports bet no deposit deal to spread the risk of the Manchester City bet. I fancied Chelsea and thought I would have a punt on Liverpool too as Brendon Rogers had them playing like the Liverpool FC of old.
Up until Chelsea V Liverpool I thought my free sports bet no deposit punt from November was going to come up trumps for me but yet again the title race has twisted yet again. What happens next lord only knows but another twist of turn would not surprise me now.
I really cannot see beyond my original free sports bet no deposit prediction though, I just cannot see anyone matching Manchester City in their run in and think they will blow away the remaining opposition and win the league by the tightest of margins.
But what of Liverpool and Stevie G he is probably the Premier League’s biggest loser this season even more than David Moyes or anyone at Manchester United. He must have thought the league was already half in his hands and what a way to see it potentially wrestled from your grasp with the main man himself gifting Ba and Chelsea an easy goal and ultimately take it out of their own hands and place it firmly back in the hands of the favourites Manchester City.

Already planning next free sports bet no deposit predictions

Whatever happens this season I will win a little something from my free sports bet no deposit deals but I am not resting their as I am already searching and thing about next seasons bets. You have to fancy Manchester United to have more of a say for next season but what a rebuilding job faces them. I will be going for rivals Manchester City as one of my safe bets but may stick a few of my free sports bet no deposit pounds on Manchester United as they will probably come back strong next season after a massively disappointing run out this year and as for Liverpool I can’t see lightening striking twice so it’s a wide birth for my initial predictions.

The second hand stoves market

Adding second hand stoves to your properties can help improve yields

Using second hand stoves to improve your yields

If you are a landlord of holiday properties then this is about why second hand stoves are a great buy for your rentals. We all know there are lots and lots of rental properties in the UK and making yours that little bit better can help you keep it rented out and command better prices for it.
Winter time is obviously a more difficult sell to holiday makers than the summer and it is because of this I had the idea of installing a woodburning stove into our cottage. We had a woodburner installed at our home ages ago and when we were discussing ideas to make more of the place over the winter months I had the idea of putting in a stove.
Buying new seemed like a waste of money so we began looking at second hand stoves for sale on the internet.

Our search for second hand stoves

It didn’t take to much work to find some potential second hand stoves for our cottage. We started on eBay and there were plenty on there. We looked for the second hand stoves that looked a bit battered as we have had a woodburner for ages and know that with a bit of TLC they come up like new and for little money. We found some big brand stoves that seemed to fit the bill but first asked the sellers lots of questions mainly the thing we wanted to guard against was buying second hand stoves with any cracks in the cast itself. Cracks in the main cast are a sign the stove has been burnt to hard and hot and we didn’t want to buy a stove that had not been looked after.
We narrowed it down to two stoves a Jotel and a Clearview both good stove brands which are hard wearing and easy to use and control. We bid on both but the Clearview bid was a bit of a cheeky bid as we knew this would probably go for much more than our budget. The Clearview did go above our budget but we got the Jotel, it’s important to stick to that budget as it is easy to get carried away when you are bidding but it is always worth remembering that there are plenty of second hand stoves about so just be a little bit patient.

We got our second hand stoves bidding done

Once our bidding was done next was getting it to the cottage and installing it. We first had to get it to the cottage which was no mean feat as it weighed a tonne and they are not the easiest things to move around. Once back we completely refurbished it with a tin of stove paint and new ropes and fire bricks. We got a friend who installs woodburners to install our for us and he agreed we got a great deal on our second hand stoves buy, it only took him a day and he signed it off so it was good to go straight away.

Bingo free bet no deposit deals

finding free bet no deposit offers for Bingo

Eyes down for your free bet no deposit bingo

I love a game of bingo but don’t always want the hassle of getting ready to go to the bingo hall and that is where going online and claiming a free bet no deposit deal can help. I live out in the country so getting ready and travelling to my nearest Bingo hall is a bit of a task in itself, its about a 20 minute drive and through the lanes especially in the dark it’s not my favourite journey so when I went online things changed for the better.
It all started when I was watching coronation street and the advert break came on, the first advert was for Foxy Bingo. I can’t remember exactly but it was a free bet no deposit deal where you got around £20 just for signing up so I thought I may as well check it out and see what it was all about.

Getting the free bet no deposit bingo bonus was easy

It was easy to find the website in fact I noticed lots of other sites were offering free bet no deposit deals. I logged on and the offer was splashed all across the page so I clicked on it and was taken to a form. It was only a few boxes and sure enough once I had filled them in the £20 was in my account and I was ready to play. I would love to say I got the chance to shout (or click) house that day but alas lady luck was not with me however I did feel lucky that I had used a free bet no deposit bonus to play rather than my own money.
Since then I have signed up to quite a few new accounts to get these free bet no deposit deals and with new ones advertised and popping up all the time you can keep playing risk free for some time.

They were all into free bet no deposit bingo

Next time that I visited my local bingo club I was really excited to spread the word about my free bet no deposit secret but was gutted to find they were all in on it! They could not believe it has taken me so long to find out about it and all had a laugh at my expense. I didn’t mind though because once this was old news they shared all the best free bet no deposit bingo websites with me.
Some of these websites will even let you play against each other so we are now virtual cyber bingo pals as well has queens of our bingo hall.
I don’t know if bingo is your poison or something completely different but what I do know is if you like to have a flutter no matter what you like you can log on do a quick search and get lots of websites offering free bet no deposit deals on the games you enjoy and want to bet on.